I got a story to telll

Every time I do a shoot with someone new I try to think of different stories in my head for them to model. Depending on the look of the model and the vibe, I like to make the story seem fitting and believable, along the lines of an editorial. Here are some of the stories and characters that I've created for my models.

Urban 90's Clueless
Chokers, Blazers, & Crop Tops meet for a twist on 90's fashion & Clueless.

 Indiana Homes 
The cross between a Colombian explorer and Indiana Jones. 

The Hipster Stoner 
The poncho says how every millennial feels "Cali vibes with a side of 420 sauce." 

Black Excellence 
Dashikis and Kente Cloth stand in solidarity together like the Black Lives Matter Movement & it's people. 

      Tourists In Okinawa
 A traveler backpacking through Japan discovering street art & documenting it along the way with selfies.

The Upscale City Kids:
Urban upcoming city dwellers with clothing tastes just as expensive as the cost of living.

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