5 Questions w/ Drew Binsky

So happy to share the first post of the Self Made series on my blog with none other than travel blogger Drew Binsky The Arizona native travels the world for a living and brings everyone along for the ride by blogging and snapchatting about it. If you dont follow him then do yourself a favor and follow him now ==> @drewbinsky because he's been to 92 countries and doesnt plan on slowing down anytime soon. Check out my interview with him below and some photos of his travels!

1. Three important life lessons you learned while traveling the world?
The first is to appreciate what you have.  I've realized that most of the world doesn't have the luxuries that we have in the U.S..  Second is that the world is filled with 99% good people.  Almost everyone I meet in foreign countries are kind, hospitable and welcoming.  Third is the fact that "less is more" -- specifically in referring to the material things that we have in life.  I only travel with a small backpack and it has everything I need.

2. What destination turned out to be totally different to how you imagined?
Brunei, Ukraine and New Zealand.  I was underwhelmed by Brunei, and extremely overwhelmed by both Ukraine and NZ. 

3. Has there ever been a bad experience while traveling abroad? If so, how? 
Yes, my 3 days in Cairo were terrible.  I was harassed in the streets, chased by taxi drivers, and I felt unsafe the entire time. 

4. What is something you would like for people to take from your travel experiences? (what is your message)
To get out there and see the world! And that travel is a whole lot easier than you think, if you are willing to make the first move and get outside your comfort zone.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
 I see myself finishing up visiting every country on earth in 5 years (when I am 30).  Then, who knows!

Until next time .. xx

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