Secret Garden Face Masks

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to share these two amazing face masks that I recently used from Secret Garden. An easy 2-step process that uses oils and microfiber sheets to help restore and rejuvenate your skin.

 The first one I used was the Camellia Oil mask. Before I put it on my face I made sure to google what camellia was really quick because I had no idea what that even was. (LOL) I found out that it's a really beautiful flower so I was cool with continuing on with it. I chose to use this one first because it replenishes dry and rough skin which was exactly what I needed to start off with because of how my face has been feeling. When I don't eat healthy or get enough sleep my skin takes a toll from it. What I loved about this mask was the scent and how soft my skin felt after I took it off.

The second one I tried was the Olive Oil mask which made all the difference in my face. This one hydrates super well and has a cooling sensation that felt really good on my skin. My favorite thing about this particular mask was how firm my face after. It no longer felt droopy and when I looked in the mirror I was able to see the results especially around my forehead. 

All in all these are really great products that I highly recommend for everyone to use. Be sure to drop a comment below letting me know if you guys have tried these out and if not, what face masks do you use? I'm always open to trying out new products and would love to hear new suggestions!

Until next time .. xx

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