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Best believe the hype when it comes to this contour kit. I've tried a few other brands before this one that were cheaper but they just don't compare! Theres two kind of kits, a cream one and a powder one which is the one I have. My skin color is fair so I chose the light to medium palette and it works with my complexsion really well. What I like about this contour kit is that my face doesn't feel caked when I use it and the colors give me that natural look that I love. 

In order to contour properly you're going to need a sculpting brush. This one is angled and helps make your face look more defined by enhancing your natural features. 

Not gonna lie, I felt like I did a good deed by buying this brush since its made out of recycled materials. It's cool to see beauty companies doing their part to make our world a better place. In result of this they have this amazing powder brush! Super soft and leaves even coverage. It does the face good!

I've been trying out different foundations and I am pleased to say that this one has won me over. The matte makes all the difference and prevents my face from becoming greasy which was my struggle with other products. My favorite thing about this is that its not thick and it leaves my face feeling light and airy almost as if I have nothing on. 

 I'm a big fan of the beauty blender BUT I love these little wedges. For $2 I get 32 of these beauts and use them to apply my foundation. They're soft and provide the full coverage I need. I love how I don't have to clean them because I can just toss it and get a new clean one.

This is my first setting spray that I've used and I can't believe I've gone this long without it. I had no idea what dewy meant until I tried it. Think about when you spend the whole day tanning at the beach and have that natural glow to you. It makes my makeup look vibrant and with this brand I have found it to be long lasting. 

Triad Pads 2 Go hands down is my go to makeup remover! With just one pad I can wipe my whole face clean and leave it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Being that these are perfect for on the go I always keep a few in my makeup bag. 

Usually I keep all of my makeup in one bag but I just couldn't do it anymore. I found this 3 pack at Rite Aid for $8!! It was such a bargain I just couldn't resist. Now my makeup is organized and I don't have to worry about any clutter. One bag has all my brushes, the next one has foundation and eyebrow stuff, and the last with all my powders and eye shadows. I may now be carrying extra baggage but my makeup has never stayed so clean!

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