Restoring the locks

Lately my hair has been looking like its in distress and in need of some serious tlc. I decided to make a natural hair mask to repair the damage and bring it back to life. I used ingredients such as coconut oil, fresh aloe vera, avocado and egg. ( all together I spent under $10) The prep for this mask was very simple. I began by cutting up the aloe vera leaf and scooped all of the insides out and put it into the blender. I chose this ingredient because it soothes itchy scalps and helps restores your shine. Next up was the avocado and egg. These contain natural minerals and protein that aide in strengthening the hair to prevent breakage. Last thing I added was 3/4 of a cup of coconut oil to moisturize my strands. Finally I blended everything up and then poured it onto my head and mixed it all in. After letting it sit for 45 minutes I washed it off and blow dried my hair so that I can see the results. I was really impressed with how soft it was and that it looked healthy again. To anyone trying to repair their locks, give this easy at home remedy a try. I promise you won't regret it! 

Until next time .. xx

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