Naked Princess

Over the weekend I hit up the Naked Princess pop-up shop in West Hollywood. From the moment I walked into the boutique I was in absolute awe on how gorgeous it all was. It looked like a walk in closet you can only dream of. There was lingerie, loungewear, beauty products, jewelry, and best of all ... champagne!! I was seriously loving every minute of it from start to finish. Browsing around I found some super sexy lingerie sets that had lace detailing and silky soft fabric that I just couldn't resist. The service at Naked Princess made me feel well ... exactly like a princess. I loved how they had stylists to help pick out stuff that suited my body well and their assistance made for an unforgettable shopping experience that left me wanting more and more. Another plus side about this chic boutique is that you can host a party there aka a fabulous time with your gal pals.  It just doesn't get much better than that! If you're looking to add a few pieces to your collection of sexiness then I recommend Naked Princess but be ready to drop some cash money because this stuff is the real deal. 

Until next time .. xx 

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