Malibu Farm

    Malibu is an iconic part of Cali and a place everyone should checkout.  I had one of my best friends come to visit me and I knew I had to show her a good time, so I took her for a cruise down PCH. Being that it was such a beautiful day out, we wanted to have lunch outside and decided to have some grub at Malibu FarmIts located right on the pier with amazing oceanic views. They're known for great quality, and their locally grown organic ingredients. The menu had a variety of dishes but we narrowed it down to a delicious broccoli chicken quesadilla, and a crisp arugula salad topped with beats and walnuts (do yourself the favor and just add the chicken), along with the juice grass fed beef burger. Despite our long drive, we were both extremely satisfied with our decision to dine at Malibu Farm. Their staff was more than wonderful, making great suggestions and providing us with tip-top service while we enjoyed tasteful plates of food. I highly recommend this place to anyone! Between the atmosphere and the food, Malibu Farm is grubbing at it's finest.


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