Skin Ritual

Listed below are products that I am currently using from Coola Suncare and Beauty Society that I have fallen in love with and incorporated into my daily skin routine. I wanted to give you guys the rundown about them because my face has done a complete 360` and I wouldn't have these amazing results without these gems right here. Hope you guys like them and give them a try!

This crystal ball face wash works wonders on my skin. Before I started using this product I was breaking out all over my t-zone area and I would try different products to get rid of the pimples but nothing worked. Within a week of using this microdermabrasion treatment my skin was clear of all acne. I highly recommend this and am really amazed with how well my skin has benefited from this. 

After I wash my face I like to use Beauty Society's resurfacing serum. The formula is a thin consistency that gives your face a nice lift. I joke about wanting botox for the lines on my forehead and after using this I noticed my skin feeling tight and firm and me suddenly not wanting botox anymore.  

I've been bouncing around between different moisturizers and this one leaves my skin feeling fresh and nourished. Love thy face stands true to its name with its silky layer of absolute goodness. Going to be sticking with this for a while because I love the results! 

My eyelids can be extremely sensitive and plump up at the slightest irritation. The skin around my eyes turn red which results in blotchiness. This oil free eye gel made with ingredients such as rose water and aloe vera soothes the irritated area and reduces any inflammation. Side note - it comes in handy after getting your eye brows done and taking your makeup off.

This product is an essential part of my skin care routine. Over the years I developed some sun damage on my face from my love of tanning and now I have to wear sunscreen all the time to prevent any more from surfacing. I blend a small dab of this with the Love Thy Face moisturizer and gently massage it in.  Coola Suncare is worth every dollar and will help you in the long run.

Until next time .. xx

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  1. I love their products, the sunscreen is my favorite