I have waited months to try out this trendy Arts District restaurant and last week I finally gave it a go. Bestia is all the hype and more! Located in an old industrial building, patrons are in for a real treat once they walk inside and feel the energy of this place. 

I made a reservation for a Monday night at 10pm and to my surprise it was still alive and kickin'. There's booths, table tops and outdoor seating but my favorite was sitting at the counter top where I was able to watch all the chefs work their magic. I loved being able to see everything that went into making these creative dishes. For every season there are ingredients to match it so there's always something new to try. It was hard picking just a few things out because everything on the menu sounded so good. Between the fun filled atmosphere and impeccable service, Bestia was an amazing experience from start to finish! 

                                                     Crisp cold beers... Enough said!

    Let's talk about this pizza right here..  Being that I'm a full breed New Yorker I pride myself in knowing what great pizza tastes like and this Alla`nduja pie was nothing short of that. The first bite won me over because of how rich in flavor everything was. The combo between Italian and Mediterranean ingredients made for a solid and delicious dish. Hands down one of the best pies I have ever tried! 

I'm not one to ever order oxtail but the waiter encouraged me to give it a try so I took the plunge. This was stuffed tortellini with oxtail and a light creamy sauce. It's definitely a dish that will leave your tastebuds wanting more! 

So for all you foodies out there, head on over to downtown LA and give this place a shot! Whether it's for a celebration, romantic night out or if you feel like eating an entire pizza pie alone, you won't regret it. 

Until next time .. xx

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