Crimson Hue

Over the weekend I had a few errands to run: groceries, dog food, and laundry... ya know the whole shebang. I wanted to wear something comfy while still managing to look put together. This flowy dress and jean jacket complimented themselves well,  giving the casual vibe I was looking for to hit the town.

Jean jackets are absolutely timeless. They never go out of style and you can get optimal use out of them.You can mix and match it with just about anything in your closet, from yoga pants to a cute LBD.  This denim balanced out my outfit giving it an effortless cool look. 

 Sunglasses are hands down one of my favorite accessories. It's very rare to catch me without them. They help coordinate your outfit and can add a dab of style to your look. Being that I live in LA where the sun is shining seven days a week, sunnies are essential to have. 

  I found this paisley dress at a thrift store a few weeks back. What caught my eye was the design and how rich in color it was. The breezy silhouette and light fabric is exactly what everyone needs for summer.

These right here are a solid choice when I want to get around quickly. The chunky bottoms and straps make for a happy harmony between the two and it makes running errands a lot easier. No regrets when wearing these, they get the job done!

Until next time .. xx

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