I got a story to telll

Every time I do a shoot with someone new I try to think of different stories in my head for them to model. Depending on the look of the model and the vibe, I like to make the story seem fitting and believable, along the lines of an editorial. Here are some of the stories and characters that I've created for my models.

Urban 90's Clueless
Chokers, Blazers, & Crop Tops meet for a twist on 90's fashion & Clueless.

 Indiana Homes 
The cross between a Colombian explorer and Indiana Jones. 

The Hipster Stoner 
The poncho says how every millennial feels "Cali vibes with a side of 420 sauce." 

Black Excellence 
Dashikis and Kente Cloth stand in solidarity together like the Black Lives Matter Movement & it's people. 

      Tourists In Okinawa
 A traveler backpacking through Japan discovering street art & documenting it along the way with selfies.

The Upscale City Kids:
Urban upcoming city dwellers with clothing tastes just as expensive as the cost of living.

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5 Questions w/ Drew Binsky

So happy to share the first post of the Self Made series on my blog with none other than travel blogger Drew Binsky The Arizona native travels the world for a living and brings everyone along for the ride by blogging and snapchatting about it. If you dont follow him then do yourself a favor and follow him now ==> @drewbinsky because he's been to 92 countries and doesnt plan on slowing down anytime soon. Check out my interview with him below and some photos of his travels!

1. Three important life lessons you learned while traveling the world?
The first is to appreciate what you have.  I've realized that most of the world doesn't have the luxuries that we have in the U.S..  Second is that the world is filled with 99% good people.  Almost everyone I meet in foreign countries are kind, hospitable and welcoming.  Third is the fact that "less is more" -- specifically in referring to the material things that we have in life.  I only travel with a small backpack and it has everything I need.

2. What destination turned out to be totally different to how you imagined?
Brunei, Ukraine and New Zealand.  I was underwhelmed by Brunei, and extremely overwhelmed by both Ukraine and NZ. 

3. Has there ever been a bad experience while traveling abroad? If so, how? 
Yes, my 3 days in Cairo were terrible.  I was harassed in the streets, chased by taxi drivers, and I felt unsafe the entire time. 

4. What is something you would like for people to take from your travel experiences? (what is your message)
To get out there and see the world! And that travel is a whole lot easier than you think, if you are willing to make the first move and get outside your comfort zone.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
 I see myself finishing up visiting every country on earth in 5 years (when I am 30).  Then, who knows!

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I Am Plenty x Streetwear Collection

   So excited to announce the 2nd collection of the I Am Plenty brand. The team has worked super hard to put everything together these past few weeks and its finally available for everyone to see and have. Below are a few pictures of the new line and a link to the website to check it out and see what the brand is all about. Hope you guys love this collection as much as we loved creating it!



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Velvet has made it's way back into our lives and is a major theme this fall. The luxe fabric that comes in various bold colors is versatile and will have you looking straight up chic for any occasion. For me, there's only two rules when it comes to wearing velvet and they are:
 1.) Don't be afraid to play around with it and style it your way. 
2.) One velvet item per outfit. Too much velvet is an overkill. 

Below I put together different ways you can effortlessly rock velvet this fall and incorporate it into your everyday style.

Bomber jackets have been super popular this year and I love the dark color on this one. This can easily be paired with a mini dress or jeans giving you a comfy chic look!

You can never go wrong with a cute little clutch! Not only does it hold all your essentials but it is also the perfect accessory to make your outfit pop. 

Bodysuits are super convenient to have in your wardrobe. I can without a doubt transform a day to night look when wearing one.  

Velvet chokers are sexy! Especially this red one that will instantly dress up a look. 

I would wear my favorite LBD with these shoes. Let the shoes be the focal point of the outfit and make a statement with them!

This crop top is perfect paired with some high waisted pants for a sleek look or even boyfriend jeans for a laid back style. 

Last but not least, these velvet heels! Love them for a date night look especially with the satin bow to make your feet stand out. 

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Secret Garden Face Masks

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to share these two amazing face masks that I recently used from Secret Garden. An easy 2-step process that uses oils and microfiber sheets to help restore and rejuvenate your skin.

 The first one I used was the Camellia Oil mask. Before I put it on my face I made sure to google what camellia was really quick because I had no idea what that even was. (LOL) I found out that it's a really beautiful flower so I was cool with continuing on with it. I chose to use this one first because it replenishes dry and rough skin which was exactly what I needed to start off with because of how my face has been feeling. When I don't eat healthy or get enough sleep my skin takes a toll from it. What I loved about this mask was the scent and how soft my skin felt after I took it off.

The second one I tried was the Olive Oil mask which made all the difference in my face. This one hydrates super well and has a cooling sensation that felt really good on my skin. My favorite thing about this particular mask was how firm my face after. It no longer felt droopy and when I looked in the mirror I was able to see the results especially around my forehead. 

All in all these are really great products that I highly recommend for everyone to use. Be sure to drop a comment below letting me know if you guys have tried these out and if not, what face masks do you use? I'm always open to trying out new products and would love to hear new suggestions!

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Homemade Chia Seed Pudding

As I've gotten older, I've made it a point to make sure that I have breakfast before I head out for my day. Most mornings I'm in a hurry and like to have something quick and easy. Chia seed pudding is one of my go-to's and is loaded with antioxidants and I love adding fresh fruit for flavor. It's also a great source of fiber and low in calories!

 Listed below is the recipe and a how to video. Drop a comment below letting me know what are some of your favorite breakfasts this way I can try some out!

                                                               - 1/3 cup of chia seed
                                                               - 1 cup of soy milk
                                                               - 2 strawberries
                                                               - 1/2 banana
                                                               - drizzled honey
                                                               - refrigerate overnight 


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